Willrow Hood – “Ice Cream Maker Guy”


Willrow Hood was a Human male miner who lived and worked on Cloud City, a floating station located above the gas giant Bespin. He worked for A’roFilter, a mining company sympathetic to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, as the head of the department responsible for dealing with the Rebel Alliance, supplying discounted Tibanna gas. Eventually, though, the Galactic Empire invaded and conquered the planet; in order to protect the Rebellion contacts Hood was responsible for, the miner took A’roFilter’s main computer’s memory core, as it contained the encrypted information on Rebel contacts. After finding the nearest disposal unit, Hood dumped the entire core, rather than risk it falling into the wrong hands; thus, Willrow Hood was able to save the Alliance’s interests. Hood remained on Cloud City throughout the Imperial occupation, suffering imprisonment and torture but revealing nothing.

Source: Wookipedia


1. Orange flight suit with mandarin-style collar and pointed tab, code cylinder pocket on upper left arm, rectangular pocket with a flap closure on upper right arm, and thigh pockets (upper set required, lower set optional). No visible zippers or snaps.
2. Mid-calf black boots (Jack boots or engineer boots are acceptable. No lace up boots. High-Calf boots are acceptable with sufficient blousing of the flight suit legs.)
3. Old vintage motorized white or light colored ice cream maker.
4. Code cylinders in left shoulder pocket. Two minimum, three maximum.
5. Comm pad visible inside comm pad pocket on lower left arm.
6. Hair, mustache and sideburns of a natural hair color matching your own color need to be a similar style seen on the character. Wigs (and fake mustaches/sideburns) are permitted, but must appear natural. As with any face character, you must try to resemble that character.

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