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We are extremely happy to announce that the new RL website is live!

It’s been two very productive months for the web team but we finally managed to get it done. Something that had been on mind of former admins for many years and never been started because of extreme complexity of the project. According to the archive, the first plans to upgrade the website started 5 years ago but they died pretty quickly.

Nevertheless, I am honoured to be a part of the team that managed to make the first big step forward when it comes to the website. It’s not a final product, and in fact it’s just the 1st of the four stages we have planned. The next one will involve upgrading the forum which is most likely to happen in the next couple of weeks. It’s a very complicated process so we have to take it slowly.

I would like to present and thank the team that made it possible.

  • Ashley Walker, LPRO, who was one of the creators of a new marketing plan which inspired me to continue (or actually start over) development of the website.
  • Rick Chinn, our coordinator, who spoke to me on a phone and gave some brilliant ideas on how we can tackle the issue of several interlinked modules and stayed with us all the time.
  • Lesmarie Velez-Colon, who said ‘We can do it!’ and thanks to her we did it. She was also our second team leader and irreplaceable asset.
  • Nicholas Reynolds, who provided us with some great technical support.
  • Suzi Stelling, Peter Truscott-Stroud and Vlastimil Sprta who spent countless hours adding never-ending content.
  • Mark Mulcaster who created the amazing video.

Just to give you an idea of what it involved, we have manually added :

  • 236 costume standards
  • 80 base pages
  • 120 other post/news items
  • 126 pages
  • 600 photos
  • approximately 80 points which show bases on an interactive map
  • 230 high resolution photos for standards which can be seen as featured photos

Okay, time to move on to the new features and functionality.

  1. Obviously, the main feature is the new design which shows who we are and what we do in a better way. It is responsive so it maintains it’s awesome look and functions on all devices – computers, tablets and phones.
  2. We have come up with a revised and much clearer format of costume standards. Not just visually but also browsing categories.
  3. Our comlink with all articles has been migrated and incorporated into the new website. AWRI will most likely follow.
  4. All static pages from the old website have been migrated.
  5. Slider on the homepage is a unique feature that will display anything we want. From movies, featured articles, members of the year to events. Hope you like the way it is now.
  6. Interactive map which displays all bases. Finding bases in your area has never been easier. Make sure to click on each region.
  7. Updated history of the legion in an interactive form.
  8. Store which will allow the merch officer to sell merchandize through the website.
  9. Number of new pages which tell a bit more about the legion.
  10. Separate pages for each base. For now it’s just recreation of the old style but I would like all base commanders to provide me with a short description of each base and some photos so it can be attached.
  11. Event management system with a calendar, map location, booking, etc.
  12. Membership application* It’s not going to be published in the first release.
  13. Reporting tools to notify admins of bugs.
  14. New contact forms.
  15. Search function.

I probably missed some functions because they are not really visible to the public since these are mostly background processes like better positioning of the website, storing data so that pages load faster, etc. That’s quite a lot but we are not finished yet. In fact some of the most challenging tasks are still ahead of us but we will move forward steadily.

We expect that there may be some broken links, especially in the charter and FAQ sections but we are going work on them. We are still happy to hear your comments on how the website can be improved. It may load a bit slowly at the beginning but it should work faster as you visit it more frequently.

I am very excited about it and can’t wait to finish the project. It’s been a great journey so far with fantastic and dedicated people.

Fly high, Rebels! Remember, anything is possible!


Roman Bela
RL Webmaster

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