Tarfful was a male Wookiee Chieftain of Kachirho who was an old friend of Chewbacca and fought in the Battle of Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars, at least until the battle ended during the start of the Great Jedi Purge.  During the battle in 19 BBY, he had good relations with Yoda and was behind him for the entirety of the battle.  Tarfful, while not a general, carefully planned out the placement of troops and warriors with Jedi Masters Luminara Unduli and Quinlan Vos.  (Source Wookieepedia)


1. Complete hair suit using natural or synthetic fibers. Most of the hair should be a dark-brown color. The outsides of the knees, the belly, the middle of the chest, and the inside of the arms should be a light brown/blonde. Hair should average at least 6 inches or longer, but 8-10 inch long hair is preferred. Complete coverage is required; no bald spots or exposed skin/undersuit.
2. Faux fur is not allowed unless hair extensions have been added. No yarn or shag carpet Wookiees. The hair must maintain a consistent quality/type throughout the suit.
3. Dark brown leather or faux leather harness with a Y-shaped, a V-shaped back, and a belt around the waist. The strap should be approximately 3 inches wide with a narrow center strap, with large metallic boxes and small metallic boxes spaced evenly along the straps with the narrow center strap going over the boxes. The boxes should have edge detailing. Decorative buckles should be present on the fork in the front “Y”, at the base of the “Y” where it connects with the belt, and along the back where it connects to the belt.
4. Decorated shoulder armor with three plates should be worn.
5. Dark brown, gray, or black gloves should be worn. There should be enough overlap between the gloves and the wrists of the hair suit that no skin is exposed. Gloves may be made of leather, vinyl, cloth, or rubber.
6. When worn, the feet must be completely covered with hair except for the bottom and the toes. The toes and toenails/claws must be visible.
7. The mask must completely cover the head and neck, without completely obscuring the shape of the shoulders. The eyes, a smooth black nose, and a large jaw/muzzle should all be clearly visible. A slight mustache like feature should be present as well. The mouth should have a slight frown when closed. The mask hair should be smooth and well groomed, not bushy, so that the mask’s shape and structure are clear. The chin should feature a slightly “beard” on the chin. The face, eye brows, and beard should be light brown. The rest of the mask should be dark brown.
8. Nine or ten dreadlocks should be attached to the top of the back of the head. Four should hang down the front (two on each side) to about the bottom of the ribcage. The remaining dreadlocks should hang down to the lower back. Three decorative silver bands should be present on each lock.
9. Static masks should not be frozen in a fully opened position. All static mouths should be closed.
10. Although a functioning jaw and/or lip snarl is not required, the skin and lips of any mechanical masks should appear as one piece, rather than a separated jaw and and face. This refers only to the mask’s outward appearance, not the underskull. Costumers should be aware that mechanical jaws and lips are complex projects requiring purpose-built components using special materials. They cannot simply be added to an existing latex rubber mask. Consult the costuming resources and fellow Wookiee costumers for advice on this project.


For formal status, you must be at least 7 feet tall while in costume. Lifts, stilts, and other height-enhancing footwear can achieve this.


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