Ra Kura Base

What area does the base cover?
Florida (U.S.A.)

How many members does
the base have?

161 members

What is the base’s history?
The Florida Base was actually one of the first bases, back when the Legion was formed in 2000 – under the leadership of Ken Ograyensek as the Base CO. Today, Ra Kura has grown into the second largest Base (by number of members).

Does the base have a favorite charity or annual event?
Every year Ra Kura is our “host base” for Star Wars Weekends, and does a wonderful job of welcoming dozens of members from around the world for the annual parades at Walt Disney World.

What are some recent events?
Arthritis Walk in Lake Eola
Celebration VI

Does the base have any Detachment units?
Phoenix Squadron (Pilots), Bushwhacker Squad (Troopers), Sawgrass Clan (Wretched Hive), Stormfront Temple (Jedi), Swamp Rats Squad (Clones)

Does the base have it’s own website?
No, but they are on Facebook and Twitter!

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