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  • Nar Shaddaa Base

    What area does the base cover?  Wisconsin and Illinois (U.S.A.) How many members does the base have?  105 members What is the base’s history?  Originally we were a part of Midwest Base that included Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. When Midwest Base divided into smaller units, the members in Wisconsin and Illinois decided to stay together as one unit, and formed Nar Shaddaa Base. Does the logo have any special meanings to it?  Mostly it represents our names sake, the planet Nar Shaddaa. There are a few “surprises” built into it… but you’ll have...

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    Freedom Base

    What area does your base cover? Virginia and West Virginia How many members does your base have? 75 Does your logo have any special meanings to it?  Freedom Base’s logo is red, white, and blue, and represents the colors of the United States flag and the struggle for freedom against tyranny. The Base felt this was especially appropriate as Washington DC, the capital of the United States, is within the Base’s area. Ashley Byram designed the Freedom Base logo. Does your base have a favorite charity or annual event? Freedom Base has been active...

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    Member Dossier: Princess Dee

    Deidra Culp, Princess Dee –  from Nar Shaddaa Base When did you join the Legion? March, 2005 Why did you join the Legion? For fun, charity work, and to meet new people. What is your favorite costume to wear? (Star Wars or not) Princess Leia’s Ceremonial Dress from the end of A New Hope.   If time and money were no issue, what would your dream costume be? The “Breathe” dress from Ever After. How has being a member affected your life? I’ve made a number of friends, which I never would have met if I just stayed at home. Plus I’ve...

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