Central Base

Serving North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Commanding officer (CO): Crocoboxer (Jim Mossey)
Executive Officer (XO): Lauphen_Staar (Emma)

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Canadian Base

Serving Canada (Except Alberta).

Commanding officer (CO): RC1320 (Luc Lavictoire)
Executive Officer (XO): kathgruben (Katherine)

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Blue Ridge Base

Serving North Carolina and South Carolina.

Commanding officer (CO): Jedi Knight Obi (Chad Pulliam)
Executive Officer (XO): kwills (Kimberly Wills-Starin)

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Bespin Base

Bespin Base

Serving Georgia.

Commanding officer (CO): loosetoon (Steve V.)
Executive Officer (XO): ShadowRex (Melissa P.)

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Alpha Base

Serving Washington state.

Commanding officer (CO): gymbeau2000 (James Holliday)
Executive Officer (XO):  Swift (Richard T. Kellogg)

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Ghost Base

Serving Pennsylvania and Delaware

Commanding Officer (CO): CMCHammer (Justin Cunningham)
Executive Officer (XO): Alarion Ero’neth (Spencer C. Huff)

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