Ghost Base

Serving Pennsylvania and Delaware

Commanding Officer (CO): firebatt (joshua murphy)
Executive Officer (XO): ncpeacock

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Alderaan Base

Serving Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire 

Commanding Officer (CO): arm on fire (Randy Smith)
Executive Officer (XO): Jedi_Outcast77 (Michael Brunco)

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Tranquility Base

Serving Alabama

Commanding Officer (CO): Patch (Joshua Rackley)
Executive Officer (XO): Lt. Ketch

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Tijuana Outpost

Serving Tijuana.

Commanding Officer (CO): Roberto Kenobi
Executive Officer (XO): pollorkins

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Terrapin Base

Serving Maryland and Washington DC

Commanding Officer (CO): Yeo Kero (Charles Wright)
Executive Officer (XO): Amalphiea

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Sunrider Base

Serving California (Southern)

Commanding Officer (CO): Boudicca

Executive Officer (XO): obiwanamati (Christina A)

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