Bantha Canyon Base

Serving New Mexico.

Commanding Officer (CO): raiderj33 (Jenn Darnell)
Executive Officer (XO): NateH (Nate Hoffman)

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Apollo Base

Serving Ohio state.

Commanding Officer (CO): Briankenobi (Brian Pauley)
Executive Officer (XO): bountyhunterq (Dave Quillen)

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Alderaan Base

Serving Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire 

Commanding Officer (CO): Freq (Eric Shafer)
Executive Officer (XO): Elyn (Denise Hurd)

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Tranquility Base

Serving Alabama

Commanding Officer (CO): Patch (Joshua Rackley)
Executive Officer (XO): RedshirtJedi17 (Doss Buckalew)

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Tijuana Outpost

Serving Tijuana.

Commanding Officer (CO): Roberto Kenobi
Executive Officer (XO): pollorkins

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Terrapin Base

Serving Maryland and Washington DC

Commanding Officer (CO): Yeo Kero (Charles Wright)
Executive Officer (XO): Amalphiea

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