Spanish Base

Serving Spain and Portugal

Commanding Officer (CO): BukaNaberrie (Alba)
Executive Officer (XO): Quin Kenobi

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Ruusan Outpost

Serving Russian Federation

Commanding Officer (CO): Flanker (Kir)
Executive Officer (XO): Gil-Melien (Elena)

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Nordic Base – The Wampa’s Cave

Serving Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Commanding Officer (CO): Mara Skywalker (Anna)
Executive Officer (XO): Jedi.Dude

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Monaco Outpost

Serving Monaco

Commanding Officer (CO): darth cedious (Boree cedric)
Executive Officer (XO): darthpinpin (olivier pintus)

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Lion Base

Serving Czech Republic

Commanding Officer (CO): Blair (Vlastimil Sprta)
Executive Officer (XO): Margh (Karel Škop)

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Italian Base

Serving Italy

Commanding Officer (CO): Desert Sniper (Daniele)
Executive Officer (XO): seba1983 (Sebastiano)

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