Lothal Outpost

Serving Liechtenstein

Commanding Officer (CO):  Betty Brook (Bezina H)
Executive Officer (XO): Leroni (Leroni)

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Swiss Outpost

Serving Switzerland 

Commanding Officer (CO): Bookworm El V (Luisa Behrendt)
Executive Officer (XO): Katharina Phan (Katharina Phan)


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Spanish Base

Serving Spain and Portugal

Commanding Officer (CO): Lynme (Monica Arroyo Sanchez)
Executive Officer (XO): niniala (silvia)

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Ruusan Outpost

Serving Russian Federation

Commanding Officer (CO): andrewhitc (Andrew)
Executive Officer (XO): AnkhaiStenn (Aelina)

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Nordic Base – The Wampa’s Cave

Serving Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Commanding Officer (CO): Mara Skywalker (Anna)
Executive Officer (XO): Swamp-thing (Tommi)

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Monaco Outpost

Serving Monaco

Commanding Officer (CO): darth cedious (Boree cedric)
Executive Officer (XO): darthpinpin (olivier pintus)

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