Alderaan Base

Serving Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire 

Commanding Officer (CO): Freq (Eric Shafer)
Executive Officer (XO): Daughter of Alderaan (Joy Lochelt)

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Alpha Base

Serving Washington state.

Commanding officer (CO): Deunan (Deunan Berkeley)
Executive Officer (XO): SpaceAce (Raina Borges)

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Alpine Base Austria

Alpine Base Austria

Serving Austria

Commanding Officer (CO): KaharNi (Horak Birgit)
Executive Officer (XO): Shondra (Michaela Berger)

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Anatolia Outpost

Serving Turkey

Commanding Officer (CO): Red Queen
Executive Officer (XO): TheBushmaster (Emre Yasar)

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Antares Outpost

Serving Uruguay 

Commanding Officer (CO): Cart O. Nero (Marcel Sirer)
Executive Officer (XO): Toria (Victoria de lima)

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Apollo Base

Serving Ohio state.

Commanding Officer (CO): Bacca9 (Jamie “Gingersnap”)
Executive Officer (XO): scooter65 (Scott Bleisath)

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