Captain Antilles (Episode IV)


Raymus Antilles was a male Human and the captain of the Corvette Sundered Heart at the time of the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. He served the Royal Alderaan Civil Fleet under Senator Bail Prestor Organa. During the early stages of the Civil War, he served the Rebel Alliance in the fight against the Galactic Empire. He captained the Alderaan Diplomatic Cruiser Tantive IV before his death in 0 BBY at the hands of Darth Vader.

(Source Wookieepedia)


  1. Accurate khaki/tan jacket with brown shoulders (yoke) and four pockets in front
  2. Dark brown shirt with bib in front
  3. Khaki/tan pants with solid dark brown or black stripe on side of each leg
  4. Brown belt with oval buckle
  5. Accurate Rebel Fleet Trooper helmet
  6. Brown tall boots (14-16 inch shaft), riding boots recommended


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