Base Briefing – Endor Base

EndorBaseWhat area does the base cover?
Endor Base serves Northern California and the state of Alaska.

How many members does the base have? 77 members

Does the logo have any special meanings to it?  The Endor Base logo features the forests and hills of the northwest United States (that are very much like the forests of Endor) behind a blue rebel firebird.

What is the base’s history? Originally started as the Northern California Base, one of the original 14 bases when the Legion was formed in 2000. It re-organized with members in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii in 2002 –  becoming Endor Base. In the years since, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Hawaii have moved into other smaller Bases.

Does the base have a favorite charity or annual event? For many years Endor Base hosted the Legion’s events at WonderCon in San Francisco. With WonderCon’s move down to Anaheim, Endor Base members get to travel down and simple enjoy the convention and assist Sunrider Base with the Legion’s activities.

What are some recent events? Marion County Fair (San Rafael, CA), Contra Costa Library’s 100th anniversary (Pleasant Hill, CA)

Does the base have any Detachment units? Corsair Squadron (Pilots), Delegation of Theed (Royality/Senatorial), Skywalker Temple (Jedi)

Does the base have it’s own website? YES!

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